Annual breakfast in Nanaimo kicks-off United Way fundraising

By Daryl Major
September 14, 2016 - 5:54pm

NANAIMO — Over 80 community programs are under the umbrella of the United Way Central and Northern Vancouver Island.

Some of the funding they need will come from their campaign kick-off breakfast in Nanaimo Thursday morning.

Executive director Signy Madden says hearing the guest speakers tell their success stories is an important part of raising money.

“When you hear a mom talk about how her kid got support or somebody else they're going to school or going to university for the very first time because of support to get their ESL or get their requirements to get into university through the United Way program, I think that's what really moves people to go, 'okay I'm going to put my money into United Way',” said Madden.

Working with the Nanaimo Foundation, one of the new programs they are funding this year will help Syrian refugees.

“We're doing rent supplements for the first six months for some of the refugees who do not have enough income to get an apartment. Many of them have families of three, four, five kids. So ours is a bridge piece until they get all their income supports in place.”

The breakfast is being held at the Coast Bastion Inn at 7:30 a.m. Thursday.

Tickets are available through the United Way website.

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